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Mad VMA 2018 : The arrivals of celebrities on the red carpet and the ... Katerina with the yellow!

The breakthrough is made early on this afternoon in the closed court of Tae Kwon Do from the famous artists' arrivals and television stars to enjoy the glamorous MAD award night, which like every year, this year, are organized with great success!

After the explosive Tampa and the Czech representative in the Eurovision Song Contest Mikolas Josef  , who accompanied her , dozens of eponymous people began to flock, one more handsome and shining than the other. The ... stunning Vangelis Kakouriotis stole his impressions ... and he brought in his tie a ... lion who lived perfectly with his very modern burgundy suit. A small ... nausea was caused when Katerina Stikidiswalked on the red carpet , which she really impressed with her yellow-colored toilet in her yellow color.

Katerina was among the first in the field and after a few photographic clicks she had to leave to prepare as she was one of the first artists to take part in the spectacular show that frames this year's awards.

Another ... Katerina, Katerina Kenourgou, made the flashlight ... startled with her appearance, whose deep neckline on the silky white blouse made her ... difference.

The Ilenia Williams and Fotini Psychidou  took the microphone and did what they know best, taking statements from celebrities to katefthanan and so did later and Doretta Papadimitriou for her friend Mary Synatsaki . Among the first to be found in the Indoor Stadium of Palaio Faliro was Stefanos Konstantinidis from the show " In the Nest of Kou ".

Another arrival that was discussed was also that of Demy , which was gorgeous in her all-white form that showed her perfect proportions.

George Georgiou is also special and we watch every weekend at Ooh la la! . The red carpet was also walked by Shaya with a completely changed hair in the hair, and Sissy Christidou with Thodoris Marantini who showed up holding each other's hand tightly. The Mad Video Music Awards 2018was also presented by Konstantinos Koufos, who was also to appear on stage for performances.

And on the outside of the closed stadium, however, in Palaio Faliro there was ... a naught of names. The flashlight flashed when Sasha Stamatiappeared , who talked for a while with Fies Skorda's close associate Costas Tsouros  and with ... ours, the director of Despina Kambouri. The performances of Panagiotis Rafalidis and Eftimis Zissakis were impressive, while Stan's not only was to appear on the stage, but he was also a candidate for Best Song with his track: "Now I'm Missing".

In Mad VMA 2018 in this also gave the victory Kartsona the Anastasia Perraki the Manto Gasteratou , the beautiful Ismene Ntafopoulou and always glamorous Helen Tsolakis .

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