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Islamabad (Daily Pakistan online) condemned the threats against Saudi Arabia and Pakistan from Iran and regrettable, Islam will Iran not play with the security of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan,

Pakistan Earth Two Holy Mosques and his knows how to defend the country's borders, Iran and Pakistan did not Syria, Iraq, Iran, India and Pakistan do not undermine the unity of Afghanistan.

 TV according to Iranian Army Chief of Staff General Mohammad Hussein Union chairman to react to a statement Bagheri Pakistan Ulema Council and Federation INR Pakistan President Allama Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi said that Pakistan peace in the region there is always work,

but patience is intolerable statements by the Iranian leadership to attack Pakistan. He said that Iran Pakistan did not Syria, Iraq, Iran, India and the United Nations Alliance of Afghanistan could destabilize Pakistan, the aggressive statements made by Afghanistan, Iran and India over Pakistan last two weeks and functions, international community should reach out to the Islamic world.

 Hafiz Mohammad Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi said that Saudi Arabia is the holiest place for Muslims, it should be clear to all the world, including Iran will respond to any plot against the Saudi Arabian Islamic religion filled the land. He has stated many facts Amir Mohammad bin Salman Interview, Iran, Pakistan, refrain from interfering in other countries instead of threatening Saudi Arabia. He is unfortunate and sad that the Iranian leadership has not learned lessons from the Middle East, Pakistan should call the summit meeting of the four Turi.

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