Special Services Group

Special Services Group

Special Service Group (SSG)  
SSG HI RES 2.png
Special Service Group Insignia
Active23 March 1956 – present
Country Pakistan
Allegiance Pakistan Army
Branch Pakistan Army
TypeSpecial Operations Forces
RoleSpecial Operations
Size8 Battalions (5,600 men)
Garrison/HQTarbela Cantonment, Pakistan
Nickname(s)SSG Commandos
Maroon Berets
Army SS Group
Black Storks[1]
Motto(s)Man Janbazam (I am valiant)
Colours IdentificationsMaroon and Sky blue
AnniversariesPakistan Day: March 23
EngagementsOperation Gibraltar
Indo-Pakistani War of 1965
Indo-Pakistani War of 1971
Grand Mosque Seizure
Soviet war in Afghanistan
Siachen war
Indo-Pakistani War of 1999
Operation Silence
War in North-West Pakistan
United Nations Military missions
War in Afghanistan
Operation Zarb-e-Azb
Current CommanderMajor-General Tahir Masood Bhutta,
General Officer Commanding
Notable CommanderBrigadier Tariq Mehmood Shaheed


19th Baluch (SSG Pak)

Ssg pak turned into raised by means of amalgamating 7th/10th baluch (19 baluch) and 312 garrison enterprise. based out of cherat and attock, the ssg changed into created in 1956. that year, 19 baluch became selected[by whom?] for conversion to a unique operation force. due to this, the ssg has inherited some of the traditions and insignia of the baloch regiment. the 19th baluch regiment's first commanding officer became lieutenant colonel (later important popular) aboobaker osman mitha[3] who commanded it for 6 years until 1961.[4] the first commander of its alpha organization become primary (later lieutenant colonel) gaideen khan abdullai mahsud. their preliminary schooling and orientation as regards tactics changed into based on the united states special forces sample with whom they co-operated intently inside the bloodless war years.[3] the ssg first of all had 6 corporations and each employer had specialization units, specialized in wilderness, mountain, ranger, and underwater battle.[3] the wasteland organizations participated in education sporting activities with us navy unique forces cellular education group in past due 1964. in august 1965, scope of ssg was raised from a battalion length force to larger unique operations outfit and instead of 19 baluch (ssg) they honestly adopted the name unique offerings group.[3] the scuba company in karachi changed into famend for its hard physical education.[3] afterward, chinese education, tactics, weapons, and system were additionally added.[3]

Indo-Pakistan War of 1965

The ssg guerrillas have been to begin with deployed along the afghan border to repel afghan incursions into pakistan, however their first primary deployment came at some stage in the conflict of 1965. by 1971, the ssg had grown to a few battalions with 1 permanently stationed in east pakistan

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