Oman pack of aspiring investment projects

Islamabad (online) should be regular contacts to Pakistan and Oman looking for ways to promote regional coordination and has agreed to cooperate with each other for economic development benefit the two countries on various occasions to the appropriate authorities the adviser

 Sartaj Aziz has said, we hope to promote more contacts between both the countries, Pakistan has used all diplomatic means to resolve disputes with their neighbors, firing in from Afghanistan to Pakistan to which the answer was required.

Yesterday the Prime Minister's Advisor on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz and Foreign Office meeting between Foreign Minister of Oman Yusuf Allawi, which was discussed on various issues, including bilateral relations.

 After the meeting, a Foreign Office adviser Sartaj Aziz has said Pakistan and Oman have a unique geographical location and economic and Oman played an important role in regional and international affairs. He said regional views on many bilateral issues of interest to law and referring to the promotion of stability are the same, we have to do between the two countries should be regular political dialogue to be compatible to various matters agreed more promotion can be made.

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