America’s Allegation Against Pakistan Harpoon Missile

America’s allegation against Pakistan new modified harpoon missile. America said that Pakistan changed their harpoon missile for ground purposes. read detail below.
he outgoing Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Sureesh Mehta on Monday said Pakistan’s modification of the U.S.-supplied Harpoon anti-ship missiles was against India’s national interest and New Delhi had drawn Washington’s attention to it.
He said India had been telling the U.S. that its military supplies to Pakistan would not be used just for self-defence, Admiral Mehta, who retired on Monday, told correspondents at a ceremony where he formally handed over charge to the new Chief, Admiral Nirmal Verma.
Admiral Mehta’s remarks came in response to questions on the New York Times report that Pakistan had illegally modified the Harpoon missile enabling it to strike land-based targets.

Meanwhile, the Chief of Army Staff General Deepak Kapoor, who took over as the Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committee, said there were several violations and one case of incursion by a Chinese helicopter during the past few months.



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