Aitzaz Ahsan DG iSPr demanded the resignation .

Islamabad: PPP leader Aitzaz Ahsan has asked DG ISPR arsy resignation over news leaks. The News of Pakistan Peoples Party leader and Senate opposition leader Aitzaz Ahsan declined to withdraw tweet from having dealings between the government and the army over news leaks and ISPR process, saying that Mary nuazkubcanymyn government succeeded, no significant difference between the government and the notification was made the sacrificial goat, 3 of which have the same 5 people. He returned to take the Intuit DG SP demanded the resignation of the building.

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The news of the agreement reached in all cases, the government and the army over Lex DG ISPR said in a press conference that was standing amnysamny our press release kubnyad made krfuj government that ISPR news leaks on the issue of April 29, Intuit also withdrawn.

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