39 Islamic Countries Power is More Then Usa Russia And Isriel

islamabad – former leader of navy group of workers, wellknown (r) raheel sharif is expected to be appointed defence guide of saudi arabia-led navy alliance of 39 muslim nations to fight terrorism, a pakistani each day pronounced on thursday. raheel sharif, who recently retired as pakistan’s army leader, has arrived in saudi arabia as a royal visitor in a special plane. a grand reception has been hosted in his honour in riyadh, the capital of nation of saudi arabia. it will additionally be attended by using the individuals of saudi royal circle of relatives. the joint command centre, headquarters of the army alliance is located in riyadh. the coalition become fashioned by means of the efforts of crown prince muhammad bin nayef. “the alliance is formed to combat daesh and different militant clothing. on the time of its charter, there have been 34 countries within the alliance that have raised to 39”, consistent with saudi arabia. in 2015, saudi arabia had announced jordan, united arab emirates, pakistan, bahrain, bangladesh, benin, turkey, chad, togo, tunisia, djibouti, senegal, sudan, sierra leone, somalia, gabon, guinea, palestine, comoros, qatar, cote d’ivoire, kuwait, lebanon, libya, maldives, mali, malaysia, egypt, morocco, mauritania, niger, nigeria and yemen as a part of a 39-usa alliance if you want to have its manipulate middle in riyadh. there also are reviews that oman has also has joined the saudi-led coalition of muslim nations. “the sultanate indicated its willingness to participate in the alliance in a letter to saudi deputy crown prince and defence minister mohammed bin salman”, the news said even as quoting sources. the saudi offer comes in mild of the raheel’s growing reputation in pakistan and the west due to a hit navy operation zarb-e-azb, which advanced law and order state of affairs in pakistan to a tremendous extent. however, in advance, it became speculated that saudi arabia wanted fashionable raheel to sign up for its 39-us of a alliance as commander-in-chief after his retirement from pakistan army.

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