Why Amir Khan working films in without Makeup up to 15 years?

Bollywood's Aamir Khan has said that no film with make-up over the last 15 years and yet without all the makeup.

Bollywood astaraamr Khan reputation of being transformed into his character and why put in danger. He died when he was immortal dead when that Aamir Khan for different characters kunbha krhmysh film career a massive reveals secrets.

Bollywood astaraamr Khan said the film, I had too much make-up during the shooting of memories procession, the feeling of a film with the same for up to 15 years today so far, the make-up without all of which helps me fill in the color of the characters.

Khan said the film 'arena' in the strict diet plan for your character, which increased the weight and the weight loss, exercise efforts.

The Aamir Khan's film will be showcased as' dngl''23 December.

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