Lance_Naik Mommad_Mehfooz_Shaheed ( Nishan_E_Haider ) 17 Decenber 1971

Lance_Naik #Mommad_Mehfooz_Shaheed ( Nishan_E_Haider ) 17 Decenber 1971 During the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971, 15th #Punjab_Regiment was deployed in the Wagah-Attari sector along the Indian border. Lance Naik Muhammad Mahfuz was the operator of a light machine-gun in "A" Company of the regiment.

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 Mahfuz's machine-gun was destroyed by an Indian shell as "A" Company came under heavy fire from automatic weapons on the night of 17 December 1971.

 Wounded in his #legs by shrapnel and unarmed, he single-handedly #attacked an enemy bunker from which fire had caused many Pakistani deaths. There he strangled one of the enemy soldiers and was killed by another with a bayonet On 23 March 1972, Mahfooz was #posthumously awarded the #Nishan_E_Haider, the #highest_gallantry_Award of #Pakistan_Army

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