Van Full Of Illegals Shows Up To Vote Clinton At SIX Polling Places, Still Think Voter Fraud Is A Myth?

Democrats need you to assume voter fraud is a delusion, however that’s due to the fact the democrat party advantages so much from it. in july, election justice u.s.a., as an example, reported that without clinton’s team committing egregious acts of voter fraud, sanders might have been the person to lose to donald trump in the national election. rather, we've got pantsuits mccriminal, and what took place friday is absolute proof that she will be able to do actually anything to win.

Fox 10 phoenix reviews that nine illegal immigrants complete with fake identification and voter registration playing cards, and stolen social safety numbers, voted at around nine am a barren region wind middle school in pinal county. at 10:30, the very identical white van sporting the very same illegals turned into noticed at santa rosa fundamental school and that they voted there as well. just hours later, the identical institution showed up at the global water middle to solid their vote. via this factor, ballot people were notified and one of those poll watchers liberals hate a lot pretended to take a poll and asked them whom they'd voted for. in broken english, one guy who diagnosed himself as jose gutierrez said “i am voting for hillary clinton typically.” and vote generally he did.

Mr. “gutierrez” and buddies voted in two more places, their spree ending in maricopa county in which a sheriff was watching for them. the 9 beloved “undocumented folks” as democrats name them had been arrested and charged with attempted in-man or woman voter fraud and several different charges. alas, handiest one will be deported.
“they had been simply enthusiastic. most of these human beings do now not have crook information earlier than this,” an immigration legitimate says, “with the exception of enrique calderon of mexico.” the authentic explained that calderon is wanted on counts of rape and 6 counts of drug trafficking lower back in mexico, wherein he could be returning quickly. why aren’t the relaxation being despatched again with him? ask obama. be part of the resistance and proportion this text now!

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