Trump Wins Florida In Unprecedented Landslide

        "Trump Wins Florida In Unprecedented Landslide"The technique a newsroom uses to call a state for one candidate or another is a aggregate of exit polling from known vital factors that deliver professionals an perception into how specific regions are vote casting combined with real precinct consequences, which don’t typically begin coming in until polls near. states like california and massachusetts, acknowledged libtard lairs, are typically the first to be referred to as at the same time as purple states like alabama and louisiana observe rapidly thereafter.
in no way inside the records of go out polling has a battleground nation been so overwhelmed by using votes for one candidate that it was capable of be known as earlier than 10pm. in fact, calling any battleground kingdom earlier than 50 percent of precincts record is unheard of. that’s why the information from cnn’s very own election middle got here as such a marvel: the exit polls in battleground florida are so closely in favor of trump that a clinton comeback is probable not possible.
while the network gained’t be capable of officially air the ones consequences earlier than the polls near in florida due to the network election ethics agreement, an intern operating for cnn despatched out a snapchat submit of a screengrab of wolf blitzer doing a pre-recorded phase at the extraordinary victory:

With Florida secured, the path to 270 is wide open for Trump, who appears to have been right all along about how rigged the polls have been. Florida, long considered a swing state by every poll imaginable, wasn’t even close. At this rate you can start booking your hotel rooms in Washington DC to see the inauguration of President Donald J Trump.

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