Thousands of Churches Are Preparing THIS Massive Move to Make Trump President!

People like Trump and there’s nothing Hillary can about it. He’s getting help from everywhere, and Hillary gets a big zero. Now that she’s got just a few days more, she better start praying, cause that’s the only thing that will help her survive the failure. Hillary? Praying? We can’t put these two words in the same sentence.

christians have gathered together to assist trump win the elections. this taken aback us in a wonderful manner! is that this splendid or what? this is the pass of the millennium.

via irritated patriot movement

in some swing states, lots of churches are airing a video offering governor mike pence in a call to decide on donald trump! pence says trump supports the sanctity of lifestyles and spiritual liberties as afforded by the charter, as according to bizpac evaluation.

pence has referred to as himself a lifelong believer who embraces his christian faith and attracts from it in the entirety he does.

he says that he have become a christian in university, and considering the fact that then this faith “has been examined, trusted, more instances than i may want to probable matter.”

pence has additionally mentioned that he and trump share a choice to repeal the johnson amendment: a law that forestalls church buildings from participating in political advocacy, for fear they will lose their tax-exempt status.

churches ought to have the ability, not less than, to play a video of someone else promoting a candidate with out worry of being punished. in particular when this candidate expresses views they sense are important to the church.



  2. We have to give her time to repent. She should be in prison and not the prison that Martha Stewart went to…Federal Pen prison. But we need to pray for her because she is being guided by Satan. God is in charge no matter what happens..we have to remember that. Revenge is Mine said the Lord. Revenge is not ours.. I am a deplorable but I will be truly a deplorable if I continue HATE. This is what Evil wants us to do. If she happens to win…know that God is in charge anyway…He is alive and well. I said the same things you are saying but worse…something changed inside me yesterday and I know it will be okay…because God has His plan and I just continually pray that Donald J. Trump will get the victory here in America…But ultimately God gets the victory at the end.

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    2. Well said. Recently thinking the dame. Admittedly very hard to do but is needed


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