Fact check: Clinton's final campaign push

With the presidential election only some days away, hillary clinton and donald trump are making their final appeals with multiple stops in key swing states.


in our enjoy, we have observed that statistics are stretched more than ordinary within the very last, determined days of a close presidential marketing campaign. and this is actually the case this year. in stump speeches this week, the messaging become clear. clinton stuck to the theme that trump is “unqualified and not worthy to be president,” even as trump hammered at the topic that clinton is “corrupt.”

in this story, we will examine a sampling of the misleading claims made with the aid of clinton at some point of speeches this week.

in a separate story, we have a sampling of deceptive statements with the aid of trump (which you can read right here). a few academics argue that politically inspired reasoning may additionally lead you to most effective study this type of tales. show them incorrect.

in speeches this week, clinton laid out the case for her contention that trump is “unqualified and not worthy to be president.” however in many cases, clinton twisted trump’s words to make her factor.

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