Donald Trump Has God On His Side | Do You Agree?

this 12 months the world has come to witness the maximum terrific show of triumph in a presidential election in american history. donald trump has defied all of the odds. he has defied political correctness, some thing that has crippled this country for the reason that 1950’s. he has defied the modern-day president of the united states. he has survived towards the communists, dodged bullets, and assassination tries. may want to god be on his aspect? on the americans peoples side?
document breaking republican number one votes. document breaking democrats converting registration to republican after years of a corrupt and useless obama communist regime.

all the at the same time as, the world has suffered aircraft crashes, terrorist assaults, and financial difficult ship. however donald trump stays robust and stands by means of his beliefs.

donald trump become right approximately iraq. he's proper approximately protective our boarders and our weapons. he seems to be the political juggernaut that the united states has sought 8 years in the past. yet, regardless of what he says, irrespective of how difficult the evil liberals fight him, donald trump simplest grows stronger. some thing this is very ordinary certainly. something that regular people get uninterested in and emerge as corrupted and wasted away by evil. but… no longer donald trump. is something else at work right here? or are we just too optimistic for peace is this world?

are you prepared to so shop the united states? the world? and make the united states outstanding again?

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