Actor Bryan Cranston: Trump Loves His Country

Donald trump "loves this united states" and shouldn't be demonized via the ones who've a distinct approach on the way to clear up the country's ills, "breaking awful" star bryan cranston says.

in an interview tuesday on cnn, the actor, whose new film "all the way" approximately lyndon johnson debuts on hbo this saturday, bemoaned the divisive environment in present day politics.
"i need to promulgate the idea that simply because a person has a unique opinion than yours it does not lead them to the enemy," he tells "the lead" host jake tapper.

"so i'm able to say proper here, proper now, on countrywide tv that i agree with donald trump loves this u . s . a .," he proclaims approximately the gop's presumptive presidential nominee.

"i surely accept as true with that, and that i know he does. it's simply that his technique on how to remedy the united states's issues differ substantially from what i assume need to take place."

cranston says being open to someone else's opinion has a important function in political discourse —and that he'd be open to sitting down with a trump supporter.
"so if i had been to meet a trump supporter, the first issue i'd want to discuss is what are the problems that led you to that decision and i want to recognize about that," he said. "and no longer to cause them to wrong, but just recognize."

cranston has spoken kindly approximately trump earlier than, admiring his "candor" ultimate august, and calling it "refreshing" that trump became "shaking up" the establishment and"truly kind of maintains others honest."
"i suppose it's a wonder gain to the country, certainly," he stated on the time.

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