Many things are going badly for Donald Trump

The hits keep on coming for Donald Trump

President Obama, the world's most powerful backer of Hillary Clinton, called her opponent "unfit" for the esteemed office and urged Republican leaders to withdraw their support for the GOP nominee. This comes as Clinton has an 8-point lead over Donald Trump following last week's Democratic National Convention, according to a new poll. Trump, meanwhile, is drawing criticism for something other than the Khan family feud. When USA TODAY columnist Kirsten Powers asked the candidate what he would tell daughter Ivanka to do if she were being harassed at work, Trump replied: "I would like to think she would find another career or find another company if that was the case." Her brother, Eric, said Tuesday that she should take the harassment to HR. Also Tuesday: Donald Trump blasted a "rigged system" and a crying baby at a rally in Virginia. He also pointedly refused to endorse Paul Ryan and John McCain in GOP primary races later this month. With that, here's more from campaign 2016:
President Barack Obama is challenging leading Republicans to repudiate Donald Trump. Obama says Trump's criticism of a fallen Muslim-American soldier's family is the latest evidence that the GOP presidential nominee is unfit to lead America. (Aug. 2) AP

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